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After recently watching Kathy Westmoreland on the Larry King Show, along with several other Elvis celebs, I was more than anxious to see her perform live, on stage, in Pahrump, Nevada. Of course we all know her as "the little girl with the beautiful high voice" that stood beside Elvis both on, and off stage, for the last seven years of his life, but not many have had the chance to see her perform solo, and believe me, it's an opportunity not to be missed.

Being friends with Kathy for several years now, I was also anxious to introduce her to part of my family, so brought along my mother and daughter-in-law.

Less than an hour from Vegas, we knew the minute we drove down the main part of town we were in the right place, as we couldn't miss the large marquee flashing photos of Kathy, along with these words:

Kathy Westmoreland Show,
Seven years with Elvis Presley
Guest Appearance by Jack Reeves
Saturday January 29
2 Shows
6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

We were thankful we'd purchased our tickets beforehand, as the first thing we discovered as we walked in the casino was that both shows were already sold-out.

Promptly at 6:00 p.m. Kathy made her entrance, looking absolutely stunning in black leather pants, gold lame top, dangling gold earrings, gold high heels, and one of her trademark gold arm-bracelets like the ones she was famous for in the 70s.

Overheard from the audience as she made her way to the stage comments like, "Wow, she looks as great as she did thirty years ago."

It was evident from the minute she walked on that stage the audience was all hers. The Kathy Westmoreland we all loved in the '70s definitely still has it all, looks, charm, charisma, humor, and most important, that beautiful high voice of hers which is still as magnificent as ever.

Kathy gave her all, as she showed off all the versatility of her beautiful voice, by singing everything from pop, to country, to pure Elvis.

When Kathy sang "Love Me Tender," Sue McCasland's husband Stanley gave her roses, a kiss and a scarf, leading the way to humor, memories, and stories of Elvis.

Kathy's friend Jack Reeves' son Matt, played guitar, as part of her band for the evening, and Jack's younger son Cole performed in the pre-show with Jack himself. For photos of Matt, Jack, Cole, Dick and Jimmy Dale and others having fun during the filming of the up-coming HBO Special "Dick Dale and Friends", tune into Dick Dale's ranch

Kathy performed a beautiful tribute to Elvis, as she began by reading a letter sent to her by an anonymous fan, shortly after his death. She followed it by singing several of Elvis' big hits, like, "My Way, "I'll Remember You", "I Can't Stop Loving You", "Funny How Times Slips Away" and "The Wonder of You".

Just one of the highlights of the show, was when a fan requested "Love Letters," and Kathy, being Kathy, and not wanting to let her fans down, even though the band didn't know the music, proceeded to treat us to a wonderful performance of the song a cappela.

The most emotional moment of the show however, was when Kathy's daughter Lindsey joined her onstage for the song Kathy sang to her as a baby, “Lay Down Beside Me.”

 Lindsey has indeed inherited her mothers personality, looks, charm and outstanding voice. You could easily vision Elvis smiling down on the pair as they sang so wonderfully together, and you could feel how proud he would have been, of that very special moment in time.

Kathy signed autographs and talked to fans after both shows. Like Elvis, she really enjoys visiting with her fans.

It was great finally meeting Sue McCasland and Sandi Pichon. I'm sure anyone in the Elvis World knows their names, as Kathy pointed out, they were both taking great photos of Elvis before she even knew he existed.

Sandi has just released a new book, RAISED ON ELVIS! ELVIS! ELVIS! which can be purchased on her website, Sandi Pichon. UK fans can order at Apex Publishing

Sue's great Aloha photo is the one that graces the front of Kathy 1987 book, Elvis and Kathy as well as being the main photo on Kathy's website.

The DVD of this concert is planned as a bonus insert along with the book Kathy's assistant is writing about her experiences of being Kathy's assistant. Stay tuned to Kathy's website for the release date.

Stay tuned to Kathy's website for up-to-the-minute news, upcoming shows and new merchandise.

Thanks go out to Sarah Moore and Sandi Pichon for their contribution to the great collection of photos used in this article.



Originally published on Suite 101.com

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